As of March 24, 2020 Rio Blanco, County has 0 (zero) confirmed cases of COVID-19 and the State of Colorado has 720 cases. Rio Blanco County Public Health is closely monitoring the outbreak and leading the response in coordination with community partners.

If you have symptoms of COVID-19, please self-isolate except to seek medical care.
If you have visited areas that are known to have sustained community spread within the past 14 days and were in public locations such as retail shops, restaurants, bars or ski slopes,
we recommend that you watch for symptoms. Self-quarantine is recommended; however, the CDC states that transmission of the disease in the absence of symptoms is less likely.

24/7 emergency medical care remains available for all citizens if needed via local Emergency Departments. Please visit, call the RBC COVID-19 hotline at 878-7121, or call public

health for specific recommendations.

(970) 878-9520 in Meeker

(970) 878-9525 in Rangely  

Continue monitoring the safety and wellness of healthcare staff in Rio Blanco County. Drive through clinics are available in both Meeker and Rangely where COVID19 testing will be available if indicated:


Rangley - Implemented a drive-through specimen collection clinic that is open Monday – Friday, from 12:00pm – 2:00 pm. The phone number for pre-screening is (970)-620-3969.  You must have been screened and approved prior to coming to the specimen collection clinic. 

Meeker- Implemented a pop-up respiratory clinic for symptomatic individuals who would like to be seen by a medical provider, Monday- Friday from 1pm-4pm. Testing will be completed if indicated by order from a physician. During these hours you may go to Pioneers Medical Center, follow the signs to the Respiratory Clinic located on the east (or Craig-side) of Pioneers campus

Continue developing effective communications and collaborating care between all local, regional, and state partners regarding disease investigation, response, and treatment.  We are developing communication strategies regarding community preparedness and prevention efforts, especially for our local high-risk population, including those with access and functional needs.  We are implementing a communication/outreach plan. 

We are planning for possible expansion of IMT (Incident Management Team) structure, public health and public safety operation and logistics based on testing results and infection contact investigation.

We are maintaining established, clear, effective communication with partners and stakeholders.

We are using the established, coordinated resource ordering process.

Safety: Using proper PPE for the situation.  Use good personal hygiene methods (Wash hands, Hand Sanitizer). 

Closures: Governor Polis State Shutdowns.  Nothing per Town or County at this time.

Goals: Rangely Community Medical Health and Wellness Center (RDH) is working closely with Incident Command System and Rio Blanco County Public Health and Environment.  Meeting daily. 

The public can obtain additional information:

Rio Blanco County Alerts: 970-878-7121 updates will be provided as they come in.


                Emergency Management RBC website.


                Rangely District Hospital

                Rio Blanco County Office of Emergency Management


Emergency Management leads, manages, and coordinates local-level actions for all-hazards preparedness, natural hazards mitigation, emergency response and disaster recovery in support of the incorporated towns and emergency service providers in Rio Blanco County

Emergency Operations Plan

The Rio Blanco County Emergency Operations Plan is an all-discipline, all-hazards plan that establishes a single, comprehensive framework for the management of domestic incidents. It provides the structure and mechanisms for the coordination of local support as well as coordination with state and federal agencies. The plan is important in the mission or reducing the vulnerability to all natural and human-caused hazards, minimizing the damage, and assisting in the recovery from any type of incident that occurs. View the Rio Blanco County Emergency Operations Base Plan (EOP).

  1. Emergency Notifications
  2. Emergency Contacts
  3. Emergency Preparedness

Public Information & Warning

It is the goal of Rio Blanco County to provide accurate, coordinated, consistent, timely and easy to understand information about an impeding emergency through a variety of information and warning systems to enhance the well-being of the community before, during and after the emergency.

Rio Blanco County employs numerous warning systems, and operates under the theory that no one method is effective at reaching all of our residents and visitors. 100% notification cannot be guaranteed. if people feel at all threatened they should be prepared to take appropriate actions even without the direction of their governmental agencies.

Please see the Sheriff's Office webpage for the Public Information and Warning systems available in Rio Blanco County.

  1. Rio Blanco County Appendices
  2. Emergency Support Functions (ESF) Annexes
Appendices contain definitions, agreements and specific plans for incidents and/or events that are likely to occur in Rio Blanco County, Colorado. These Plans are considered adopted by reference as they are signed by the affected participants. For further information or questions on the appendices please call Ty Gates Emergency Manager at 970-878-9623.