County Road News & Info

2021 Summer Construction

County Road crews have completed most of the summer projects.  The following remain for late summer:

Dates:                              Work:                      Roads:                   Expected Delays:
Aug. 15 - Oct. 15    Replace Stock Pass     Co. Rd. 5, M.P. 14.05      Expect minor delays - 1 lane with alternating traffic
Fall, 2021               Replace Guardrails       Co. Rd. 5, M.P. 8.67 to 24.4      Expect minor delays                       

County Roads and OHVs:

Rio Blanco County allows the use of Off-Highway Vehicles (OHV’s) on designated Rio Blanco County Roads subject to certain rules and regulations detailed in Rio Blanco County Resolution No. 2011-43.  The County designated these roads in Rio Blanco County Resolution No. 2016-23,  2012-14 and 2013-29.

The current Rio Blanco County designated roads are:
All County Roads EXCEPT County Roads 1 (Blue Mountain Road), 5 (Piceance Creek Road) and 7 (Strawberry Creek Road)

For more information about the OHV-designated trail system, see the Wagon Wheel OHV Trail System and Meeker Chamber of Commerce websites


Community Counts is a great resource for issues or concerns regarding the oil & gas industry, including issues related to Rio Blanco County roads.