Demolition Permit


  • Complete the Demolition Permit Application (PDF), sign, and return. The first and third page completed and signed.
  • Complete the state Demolition Notification Application (PDF) and mail or submit the application online.
  • Demolition process for mobile homes, residential, garages or any other demolition
  • List location of landfill receiving debris.
  • Supply a restoration or use plan.
  • A signed owner/agent asbestos statement must be included in the application.
  • An asbestos building inspection is required prior to receiving a demolition permit. After the demolition permit has been approved, fees paid, and permit issued. A Building Division Inspector must be requested to inspect the structure prior to commencing demolition.
  • Following an inspection, an approval to demolish may be issued. Note any existing septic systems must be removed or filled in to meet the Rio Blanco County Land Use Resolution requirements. An inspection and approval by the Rio Blanco County Environmental Health Officer may be required.
  • The permit applicant is responsible for ensuring that all required inspections are completed prior to commencing or proceeding with work.

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