Building Inspections

How to Request an Inspection

A 24-hour notice is required for all inspections. Call 970-878-9452 to request an inspection or to leave a voice message with the following information:

  • Address
  • Permit number(s)
  • Request preferred date and time
  • Type of inspection

You will be notified of the scheduled date and time. Your inspection will be scheduled the same day if possible or the following work day. Inspections will not be performed without required permits. Plans must be on the job site for all inspections.

Required Inspection Information


  • All footings, including pads and piers shall be inspected prior to the placement of concrete.
  • Inspections will only be done after forms have been placed and steel reinforcement has been installed and tied. (any property lines within 50' should be marked for verification of setbacks)


  • After forms are in place, reinforcement steel is fastened securely, and before concrete is placed


  • After all windows and doors are installed.
  • After chimneys and vents are complete, but still visible
  • After roof, framing, fire blocking, exterior sheathing, and bracing are in place
  • After rough plumbing and mechanical have been installed and the State of Colorado Electrical Inspection approved.
  • Any installed gas lines complete, and under pressure
  • Before any roof or exterior coverings are installed
  • Truss engineering and manufacturers mechanical equipment installation instructions must be on site

Pre-Brick, Rock, Siding, & Stucco Inspections

  • Flashings, weather resistant barriers, wall protection, or lath must be inspected before any walls are covered

Fireplace, Wood, Gas & Pellet Stoves

  • Manufactured stoves and fireplaces must be installed and inspected meeting the requirements of the manufacture's instructions
  • Masonry fireplaces shall be inspected at adequate stages to determine compliance with the approved plans


  • All required insulation must be inspected before being covered.
  • Attic insulation may be inspected on final inspection

Final Inspection

  • Address posted on building and at driveway entrance is building address if not visible from the road
  • All exterior finishes are complete
  • Attic access and Insulation complete and penetrations sealed
  • Crawlspace ventilation, insulation, permanent ladder and vapor retarder installed and complete
  • State of Colorado Electrical inspection approved
  • Final grade, gutters driveways, landings and parking areas are complete
  • Fireplaces, woodstoves, chimneys complete
  • Mechanical equipment complete and working
  • Permanent steps, landings and rails are in place
  • Plumbing complete and working
  • Use Tax settlement must be final before Certificate Of Occupancy will be issued

Onsite Waste Treatment System (OWTS)

  • Drain Piping and tank must be inspected before covering
  • Must be designed by a Colorado Licensed Engineer
If you have any questions please contact us at 970-878-9452