Planning Division


The Planning Department's responsiblitities include: General Administration, Land Use Change Permitting, Zoning and Divisions of Land.  The purpose of the Planning Department is to provide expertise, executing the goals and policies set forth in the Rio Blanco County's Land Use Regulations.

Rio Blanco County Land Use Regulations

Note: Changes to the current Land Use Regulations are highlighted.

Rio Blanco County Land Use Regulations

Land Use Approval

For more information on common application review procedures, please download our Rio Blanco County Land Use Regulations above and use the interactive Table of Contents to reference the following:

Article 3: Zoning
Article 4: Permit Application and Review Procedures for Land Use Changes
Article 5: Divisions of Land
Article 6: Planned Unit Development
Article 7: Standards (Minimum standards for proposed land use changes. These are in addition to any use restrictions and regulations in Article 3: Zoning that may apply.)

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