Weed & Pest Control


  • Assist as many landowners as possible in noxious weed control.
  • Assist landowners in developing management plans, calibration of spray equipment and identification of weed problems.
  • Continue to educate myself in all aspects to be as beneficial to the county as I can be.
  • Continue to map all noxious weeds in the county according to state mapping standards and develop and implement short and long-term management plans.
  • Control all noxious weeds on all County roads and properties to help protect our agricultural lands, wild and beautiful landscape and wildlife from the negative impacts noxious weeds.
  • Cooperate with research agencies in weed management research.
  • Coordinate weed control activities with other county departments, adjoining counties, local governments and outside agencies.
  • Educate the general public and agencies on new noxious weeds that may be present in the county and surrounding areas.
  • Encourage landowners with noxious weed problems to manage them properly.
  • Provide Biological Control agents to assist in the control of large noxious weeds problems.
  • Provide Cost Share to landowners to ease financial burden of noxious weed control and give the best and most effective control recommendations.
  • Provide current information on laws, labels, and county programs.
  • Provide informative newspaper articles on important perspectives of noxious weeds.
  • Provide the general public with knowledge in the safe practices of weed management.
  • Train all Weed Department Personnel to be as knowledgeable as possible in all aspects of weed management.


The Rio Blanco County Weed and Pest Department will be selling herbicide for weed control on Thursday mornings from 7 a.m. to noon in Meeker and delivering pre-orders to Rangely on Thursday afternoons. This schedule is effective from the first week in May through the first week of September. Other times can be setup by appointment.

Summer Schedule

During the summer we manage noxious weeds along roadsides and county properties, special management areas, and on private, state and federal lands.

2022 Herbicide Bid

Click Here to view the 2022 Herbicide Bid

2021 Updates

  1. Two (2) container limit on 2,4-D and glyphosate (RoundUp) products per day due to a shortage from the manufacturer. The chemical supplies to our supplier should be back in stock by mid summer
  2. Large orders (more than 4 containers) of several products need to place a pre-order to ensure chemicals are in stock
  3. The limit on cost share is $300.00 per landowner, on a first-come first-serve basis. (Not all chemicals are enrolled in the cost share program)
  4. A Weed Management Plan of the property that wishes to utilize the cost share program needs to be in place to receive the cost share.  Forms are located on this page.

Mormon Cricket Update

Rio Blanco County Weed & Pest Department will provide EcoBran Bait to assist with the current Mormon Cricket Infestation in Rio Blanco County.  This product is being offered free of charge to residents.  Please pick up in the following locations

  • Meeker
    • RBC Weed & Pest Office | 779 Sulphur Creek Road
    • Thursdays 7am to noon
  • Rangely
    • Rangely Annex | 17497 Highway 64 (use main door)
    • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thrusday 8 am to noon

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