Special Waste

The Special Waste Acceptance Protocol (PDF), including lab tests, must be followed in order to dispose of special waste at the Wray Gulch Landfill.

Please fill out the Special Waste Characterization Form (PDF) and contact the Landfill Administration Office for additional information.

Special Waste is defined as non-hazardous waste that meets any of the following criteria:

  • Waste Containing free liquids (not currently accepted by Rio Blanco County);
  • Waste which is sludge or semi-solid (not currently accepted by Rio Blanco County);
  • Waste generated by an industrial process;
  • Waste generated by a pollution control process, or facility;
  • Off-specification, out-dated, used or discarded chemical or petroleum products; and
  • Contaminated soil or debris resulting from the cleanup or spill or release of materials listed above.

Hazardous Waste is not accepted by Rio Blanco County.