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The maps and GIS products contained herein were prepared for use by Rio Blanco County. These maps and GIS products are mere representations of the land, features, lines, corners and points shown. These maps and GIS products are not intended or do not replace actual legal surveys and the ownership and legal description information in the chain of title and other information contained in official government records such as the County Clerk and Recorder's office, Assessor's office or the courts.

Independent verification of all data contained herein should be obtained by any user of the map or GIS products.

Rio Blanco County makes no representation of warranty as to the accuracy, and in particular, the accuracy in attribution, labeling, dimensions, contours, property boundaries, or placement or location of any map features thereon. Rio Blanco County makes no warranty of merchantability or warranty for fitness of use for a particular purpose, express or implied, with respect to these map or GIS products. Any user of these map or GIS products accepts same As is, with all faults, and assumes all responsibility for the use thereof, and further covenants and agrees to hold Rio Blanco County harmless from and against any damage, loss, or liability arising from any use of these map and GIS products.

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