Service Providers

For personal or commercial internet set-up or questions, please contact one of the service providers within Rio Blanco County, listed below.

Cimarron Logo
Meeker Office
345 7th Street
Meeker, CO 81641
Phone: 970-878-4421

Rangely Office
729 E Main St
Rangely, CO 81648
Phone: 970-878-4421

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Rio Blanco County Logo

Phone: 970-878-9545

Hours Monday - Friday 8am - 4pm

Meeker Office
555 Main Street
Meeker, CO 81641

Rangely Office
255 East Main Street
Rangely, CO 81648

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For customers of Rio Blanco County Broadband. Service provider rates may differ.

Service Package
Rate Per Month
Fiber 25Mbps$50 
Fiber 100Mbps$65 
Fiber 300Mbps$70 *NEW SERVICE
Fiber 1Gbps$80 
Wireless Broadband Internet$65 
Off-Network Wireless$70 

Note: Additional rates available on the Rio Blanco County Fee Schedule.

Vision Statement

The mission of Rio Blanco County’s Communications and Broadband Infrastructure is to provide modern, standards based communications services and infrastructure to the county’s businesses, citizens, and visitors. Both the services and infrastructure will change and adapt as new needs are identified and new technologies become available. At this time, services include broadband, cellular, and emergency services via wireless and fiber optic networks. 

Business Model & Partners

The Rio Blanco County Broadband Network is a public-private partnership striving to provide fast and reliable internet at an affordable price. It consists of the following roles: 

  1. Rio Blanco County serves as the Network Owner and Network Operator.
  2. Local Service Providers serve as first point of contact for residents.