Public Trustee

  • To charge the correct fees for processing all documents and to post all collections to the proper accounts.
  • To deliver all documents that are processed by the Public Trustee to the County Clerk and Recorder for recording as public record.
  • To keep foreclosure records open for inspection by the public.
  • To perform all functions accorded by Colorado State Statutes and to carry out all functions and exercises conferred by deeds of trust.
  • To perform foreclosures on deeds of trust in an orderly and timely fashion as directed by State Statute.
  • To release deeds of trust whenever requested by a beneficiary or by a legal holder of the indebtedness.
Public Notices
As of January 1, 2015 all Colorado newspapers are required to post their legal notices to the Public Notice Colorado website. There is a tremendous amount of information on there for every county and city in Colorado that publishes legals!

Rio Blanco County Public Trustee Active Foreclosures