To accurately determine the cause and manner of death of individuals that die within the statutory jurisdiction of Rio Blanco County; through a fair, ethical, and competent investigation of death.

The Office of the Coroner is mandated by Colorado Revised Statute and is a separate and independent organization, which conducts investigations into the cause and manner of a person’s death.  The "cause of death" is the injury or disease, or combination of the two, responsible for initiating the train of physiological disturbances, whether brief or prolonged, which produced the fatal termination. The "manner of death" refers to the circumstances under which the cause of death arose. These circumstances include accident, natural causes, suicide, and homicide.

Sarah Jennings, Deputy Coroner
Nichole Becker, Deputy Coroner
Karin Dietrich, Deputy Coroner
Brittany Smith, Deputy Coroner

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 The Coroner and deputies recognize each death reported to the Rio Blanco County Coroner's Office represents the death of a person whose absence is grieved by family and friends.  Therefore, we extend our deepest sympathy during this very difficult time.