Selling a Vehicle

The following items need to be given to the buyer:
  • A Bill of Sale Form (PDF) with the vehicle description, date and time of purchase, and amount paid, if the title does not have a place for purchase price.
  • The Colorado certificate of title (must be in the name of the seller) signed in the seller's area of the title. All owners must sign if the title shows more than one owner on the face of the title. The name and address of the buyer must be filled in. If the title indicates a place for a notary, the seller must have his/her name(s) notarized.
  • The odometer reading must be entered on titles of vehicles less than 10 years old. All parties, buyer and seller must print and sign their name to acknowledge the odometer reading. The odometer reading is encouraged to be carried out on vehicles older than ten years old.
Please note: License plates from the vehicle remain with the seller.