Motor Vehicles


The goal of the department of Motor Vehicles is to provide accurate and timely registration and titling of motor vehicles in a manner consistent with the laws and regulations of the State of Colorado.

Forms & Applications

Additional Forms

Listed below are some of the frequently used forms, listed by the DR number and name. Use the link for the Colorado Department of Revenue Department of Motor Vehicles Website to access all forms:

  • DR 2159 Farm Vehicle Registration Application
  • DR 2175 Power of Attorney for Motor Vehicle Only
  • DR 2219 Parking Privileges Application
  • DR 2303 Non-Use of Vehicle
  • DR 2395 Application for Title and/or Registration and Joint Tenancy Form
  • DR 2409 Statement of Assembly of Homemade Trailer and Assignment of Trailer ID Number
  • DR 2504 Colorado Residency Establishment Form
  • DR 2697 Certification of Equipment Compliance for Homemade and In Lieu of Bond Trailers
  • DR 2698 Verification of Vehicle Identification Number
  • DR 2710 Branded Title Disclosure Statement
  • DR 2749 Federal Heavy Vehicle Use Tax Proof of Payment Exemption
  • DR 2842 Supplemental and Secure Verifiable Identification
  • DR 2922 Title or Salvage Title Established by Surety Bond
  • DR 2712 Affidavit for Collection of Personal Property
  • DR 2539A Duplicate Title Request and Receipt
  • DR 2505 Commercial Business Idle Late Fee Exemption
  • DR 2374 Statement of Trailer Ownership
  • DR 2116 Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale for Purged Colorado Title