Clerk to the Board


The County Clerk serves as clerk to the Board of County Commissioners, maintaining complete records of the proceedings and resolutions adopted. The Clerk also serves as the Clerk to the Board of Equalization, the Board of Adjustment and the Board of Health. The Clerk oversees the liquor license applications and other permits and licenses requiring Board approval.

Board of County Commissioners Minutes, Resolutions and Records

Commissioner minutes, resolutions and records of the Board of County Commissioners are public records and may be researched during business hours by visiting the Clerk and Recorder's office located on the 2nd Floor of the Rio Blanco County Historic Courthouse in Meeker, Colorado. A fee may be charged pursuant to State Statute for assistance in searching the records.

Liquor Licenses

Application Process

  1. Schedule an appointment with the County Clerk at 970-878-9460. If the business will be located within the city limits of Meeker or Rangely, the license must be processed through the town. Be prepared to allow 2-3 months for the county and state processing of the license.
  2. Your appointment will include a forms packet for the type of license involved. All applicants complete a standard application form and individual history record. Fingerprints are required along with a criminal history check through the Colorado Bureau of Investigation.
  3. Schedule an appointment to return all completed forms, fees, and required information. A public hearing will be scheduled before the commissioners at least 10 days after receipt of the completed application.
  4. The proposed liquor license site must be posted at least ten days prior to the hearing date. Our office will supply the sign for posting.
  5. Appear before the Board of County Commissioners at your scheduled hearing prepared to answer any questions concerning your application. If the Board approves your application, it is forwarded to the state for approval and issuance of a liquor license.

Transfer of Ownership

The purchaser of an establishment that already has a liquor license must apply to the county for a transfer of ownership of the license. Steps 1-3 as listed in the application process will need to be followed. The posting and hearing steps are not required with a Transfer of Ownership.


Both the county and the state collect liquor license fees, so two separate checks will be required; one payable to Rio Blanco County and the other to the Colorado Department of Revenue. The fees vary according to the type of license.