Meeker Colorado Civic Improvement Corp. Board

MemberAppointedTerm ExpiresRe-AppointmentComments
Sharon Clapper01-202301-2024

Sheri McCord01-202301-2024

Kay Bivens01-202301-2026

Scott Marsh01-202301-2025

Ginny Love01-202301-2026

For an application to serve on this board, please contact Laura Smith at (970) 878-9570. Applications can be returned to the Rio Blanco County Human Resources Department, Meeker Courthouse, 3rd Floor, PO Box i, Meeker, CO  81641, or emailed to


  • 2nd Monday of each month at 9:00 a.m., Fairfield Center

About the Board

This is a five (5) member board.  Members are appointed by the County Commissioners and serve a three (3) year term.  The MCCIC Board oversees the Rio Blanco Fairfield Apartments.