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1. How will the impact fee work?
2. What will be subject to the impact fee?
3. What will not be subject to the impact fee?
4. When does the new impact fee actually go into effect?
5. How will the fees collected be used?
6. How would this work for a new industrial facility, for example a gravel pit?
7. How are the impact fees calculated for projects that do not have a given amount in the fee schedule?
8. How was the affordable housing level of $250,000 determined?
9. Can fees (i.e. impact fees, Temporary Use Permit) fees, etc be sent in on one check?
10. Where should we send the check?
11. If we are doing a re-entry on a well, will we owe new impact fees?
12. If we put an impact fee toward a specific well and end up not drilling the well, will our fee be refunded?
13. Are impact fees due on Temporary Living Quarters (TLQ) permits?
14. When are the fees due?
15. Does a Temporary Use Permit (TUP) expire? Does a Special Use Permit (SUP) expire?
16. Where can I get more details on the impact fee?