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Message from Public Health 11/23/2020:

Please be advised that testing for COVID-19 is recommended for all symptomatic individuals (please see cdc website for list of symptoms), and all individuals who are exposed to a known case. If you have no symptoms, but have been exposed, it is advised to test 5-7 days after your last known exposure, or as soon as possible after you begin to develop symptoms. 

In Rio Blanco County, oral PCR testing with a 3 day turnaround is available for all individuals who meet the above criteria. Rapid tests are only available for those showing symptoms. We are currently testing at both Meeker and Rangely public health Mon-Fri from 10am-11am. Please do not call for an appointment. Vehicles will be served in order of arrival. Testing is free.

If your test is negative, this DOES not exclude you from public health quarantine recommendations. This means that if you have been exposed to a COVID-19 positive individual, you still may develop illness and/or be infectious for UP TO 14 days after exposure. It is for this reason that a negative test does not give you the all clear to continue normal activities.

If you have not received a formal notice from public health, but you have been told by an individual that you were in close contact with that they are positive, please quarantine for 14 days from the last known date of exposure. If you need a letter from public health in this scenario (for example for your doctor or your employer), please call (970) 878-9520 in Meeker or (970) 878-9525 in Rangely. Almost everybody will have a secondary or possible exposure at this time. It is for this reason that EVERYONE should continue to monitor for symptoms and STAY HOME and GET TESTED if you are sick, wear a face mask in public, and avoid social gatherings that are not essential.

Thank you for your diligence, and please stay tuned for most recent updates here on

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