Coronavirus Update

Rio Blanco County COVID-19 self report form.

 This form is to be used as a tracker for those living in Rio Blanco County to self-report COVID-19 symptoms. Please use this self-screening tool from the CDC for immediate recommendations: 

Self Report Form

                                         UPDATED 4/2/2020
Rio Blanco County Positive Tests:
Total Colorado Confirmed Cases:

Rio Blanco County reports our first laboratory confirmed case on 4/2/2020 of COVID-19. We affirm the patient has been appropriately isolated and instructed on COVID-19 self-care home recovery procedures. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) confidentiality, no other details will be made public at this time. 

We are identifying and implementing additional precautionary measures to prevent further spread, including the notice and quarantine of close contacts with this case. We ask Rio Blanco County residents to remain vigilant and continue practicing social distancing, hand washing and other preventative measures as this is a community-wide effort. 

Rio Blanco County will continue taking necessary steps in order to keep the community safe which includes diligently monitoring the COVID-19 situation as it evolves. If you are experiencing symptoms or are concerned about exposure, please contact public health for further recommendations. 

Welcome to the Rio Blanco County Public Health Coronavirus Update page, your trusted resource for live, local updates on the evolving Coronavirus situation. Here you will find local Response and Recommendations to COVID-19, along with links to other state and national level resources. Should travel or infection control recommendations change on the local level, updates will be made here. Please call the new Rio Blanco County COVID-19 hotline anytime for recent updates and information on testing, isolation, and other recommendations: 


Important Things to Know:

We are advising everyone who has symptoms or possible exposure to continue following our recommended guidelines posted on our website.

The primary responsibility of Rio Blanco County Public Health (RBCPH) is to promptly identify a suspected case and implement measures to prevent any additional spread of illness locally. We are actively monitoring any suspected cases and updates to this website will be made daily.

If you are concerned about possible COVID-19 exposure or have symptoms of COVID-19 (which are fever, cough, or shortness of breath), it is recommended that you stay home for up to 14 days after symptoms begin and avoid public places EXCEPT TO SEEK MEDICAL CARE. If you need medical care, please call ahead to let your provider know you have these symptoms so they can prepare for your arrival. Please see detailed information on the "public health recommendations" tab.

Please contact public health at 878-9520 in Meeker or 878-9525 in Rangely for additional information. Testing is currently available at Pioneers Hospital and clinic and Rangely District Hospital and clinic by order from a physician. Please see information below about drive through options in Meeker and Rangely.


In Rangely, residents should call 970-620-3969 (Monday-Friday 8am-4pm) if they are symptomatic to schedule drive through testing ifindicated at Rangely District Hospital, drive through available Monday - Friday from noon to 2:00 p.m.

In Meeker, The Pioneers Hospital Respiratory Clinic is open for symptomatic individuals who would like to be seen by a medical provider, Monday- Friday from 1pm-4pm. Testing will be completed if indicated by order from a physician. During these hours you may go to Pioneers Medical Center, follow the signs to the Respiratory Clinic located on the east (or Craig-side) of the Pioneers campus. 

Healthcare Facility Contact Information:

Rangely District Hospital: 970-675-5011

Rangely Family Medicine: 970-675-2237

Pioneers Medical Center: 970-878-9292

Meeker Family Health Center: 970-878-4014

Is it safe to travel?

If you are sick, avoid traveling.

If you are at higher risk for serious illness from COVID-19 (older adults and people with chronic medical conditions), avoid non-essential travel on airplanes and cruise ships.

Follow CDC recommendations on travel to areas where there is widespread transmission of COVID-19:

Out of town travel is not recommended for anyone at this time, however is allowable for essential activities only.

Important Links: 

Updated Travel Recommendations:

CDC Update Page:

Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment update page:

Current Closures:

Meeker Public Schools until the end of the school year

Rangely Public Schools until April 30th

ERBM Recreation Center Meeker

WRBR Recreation Center Rangely

Dine-in restaurants, bars, gyms, spas/salons and social or public gatherings are currently prohibited.

Please see FAQ about public health order here:

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