Rural Exemption

Application Process

No fees are charged for this permit and a description or floor plan is required for submittal. The only inspection is a setback inspection. However, if you decide to install electric, plumbing, heat,or an Onsite Water Treatment System (Septic)  a separate permit must be applied for and issued before any work can begin.

Complete the Application For Rural Exemption, must completed and signed

A Site Plan Checklist (PDF) is required to be submitted with the Application for Rural Exemption. After a complete application has been received, it will be reviewed to determine if all of the requirements for this type of work has been satisfied. Examples of requirements would be: Setbacks, or Floodplain,etc.

Rural Exempt Buildings are NOT exempt from Rio Blanco County Sales & Use Tax and Property Tax.

Please Note: Rio Blanco County assumes NO responsibility for Rural Exempt Buildings