Plumbing Permit

Complete the Plumbing Permit Application, sign and return the application. All information that applies to your project must be completed. This includes contractor information.

Plumbing Permit

A Plumbing Permit is required for all new construction involving plumbing. Renovations that involve new plumbing also require a permit. An example is the addition of a second bathroom in your home. This would require a plumbing permit even if that bathroom will occupy existing space.

Relocating plumbing fixtures such as toilets or kitchen sinks requires a permit as does replacing a tub or shower. Simply replacing plumbing fixtures in the same location does not require a permit.

Other plumbing work that requires permits include but not limited to:

                             Adding or Replacing or repairing

                              1. Water Piping

                              2. Sewer Piping

                             3. Gas piping

If you are in doubt as to whether you plumbing change requires a permit, please call the Rio Blanco County Building Department at 970-878-9450

Inspections needed:

1. Rough in (before pipes are covered by insulation or drywall)

2. Final (upon completion, but before use or occupancy)