Recreational Cabin Exemption

  • Will be utilized for owner recreation or periodic ranching operations only. Will not be used for permanent housing for any person for any time period of more than 180 days per calendar year. Will not be used for any type of commercial purpose. Will not exceed 800 gross square feet including any habitable loft or basement areas. Other than allowed for ranching operations, the cabin will not be used as a place to house employees. Will have an Onsite Wastewater Treatment System meeting the requirements of the LUR, Article 17 permitted, installed, inspected and approved before use and occupancy. Will not be sold or transferred to any new owner without written notice stating that the cabin was not inspected nor issued a Certificate of Occupancy under the Rio Blanco County Building Code and is subject to the restrictions and requirements of the original approval. Once approved, Rio Blanco County will record this application in order to notice the Assessor’s Office. If needed, Applicant will be issued any other required permits or approvals by any other agency or RBC Department, such as, but not limited to: RBC Road & Bridge Department, Meeker or Rangely Fire District or RBC Building Division Onsite Waste Water Treatment System (“OWTS”) permit.
  • 1. Recreational Cabins are required to meet all applicable Colorado State Laws. If installed, State Electrical/Plumbing and Fuel Gas Codes must be followed and associated inspections passed. Electrical § 12-233-104 C.R.S., Plumbing § 12-58-104 C.R.S. Recreational Cabins are exempt from the Driveway Standards § 7-305 A, of the LUR. Only one Recreational Cabin will be permitted per contiguous parcel of land. Additional dwellings may be permitted through a Limited Impact Review (see § 4-204 of the LUR). In order to be eligible for this permit, a minimum parcel size of 35 acres or more is required. Construction of the Exempt Recreational Cabin must start within one year of approval or the approval will be deemed null and void. Exempt Recreational Cabin approvals are non-transferrable. Recreational Cabins will be required to have a Rio Blanco County assigned address posted at the driveway and on the cabin.Recreational Cabins are not exempt from Rio Blanco County Use Tax and Property Tax.
  • Recreational Cabin Exemption Application