Economic Development


Coordinate county efforts in promoting collaboration for economic growth and stability, incorporating industry diversification, business development, retention, expansion and attraction, as well as assessing issues impacting the business community. Provide promotion and marketing of the county and strategic planning. Provide information to the public in a manner that is clear, concise, transparent, helpful, timely, proactive and consistently professional. 

Responsible for communicating county business to the public through various public relations procedures and outlets.  Works with the municipalities and Chambers of Commerce within the county to develop cohesive direction for economic and community development.  Promotes Rio Blanco County to investors, business owners, organizations and all others interested in doing business in the county. Develops policy/procedures for economic and community development and appropriate response relative to potential incentives.  Works to raise local awareness of programs and funding options for the business community.  Monitors activities impacting the region, and participates in meetings and forums to maintain a county presence at the local and regional level.  Collects, compiles and analyzes key economic indicators including employment/wage statistics, demographic information, real estate and environmental factors.  Works to streamline/simplify government processes to be more business centric and reduce/minimize barriers while still ensuring legal and regulatory compliance.  Monitors and reports on impacts of economic and community development efforts.