Give the Grass a Drink
Daily, shallow watering is not recommended. This encourages disease and weed problems. Instead, water according to the lawn's needs. Look for a blue cast in the lawn's color; this indicates a need for water. At this time, you should water until moisture reaches 6-8 inches in depth. Do not allow leaves to remain moist longer than 16 hours. This promotes disease. Normally, water every 3-5 days. Naturally, sandy or shallow soils will require watering more often than heavier clay soils.

During excessive rainstorms, watering should be preempted to reduce risk of disease problems. Fall and spring watering should be on a limited basis. Some lawns can go for weeks without watering, depending on weather conditions. Harden off a lawn prior to winter to reduce winter drought problems. A final late, deep irrigation just prior to winter onset is recommended. The above process will promote a healthy, more disease and drought resistant lawn, which will require less water throughout the year.