Healthy Plants

Healthy Plant Guidelines
Use these guidelines to keep your plants healthy:
  • Add organic matter such as compost to the soil - rich soil leads to healthier plants.
  • Control pests before they become established - hand remove insects or diseased leaves as soon as you see them.
  • Control weeds - use mulches and hand-pulling where possible.
  • Do not crowd plants - planting too close weakens plants and increases disease.
  • Fertilize properly - inadequate fertilization causes weak plants susceptible to insects and disease; too much fertilizer can damage plants and pollute ground water.
  • Pesticides can be valuable gardening tools, but they must be selected with personal and environmental safety in mind. As with other tools, it is important to use the right pesticide for the job. Care and planning before pesticides are purchased can ensure safe and proper use.
  • Select plants adapted or native to your area.
  • Water adequately - over watering and under watering can also be damaging.
For more information on selection, planting, cultural practices, and environmental quality, contact the Rio Blanco County Cooperative Extension Office at 970-878-4093 or 970-675-2417.