Are Pesticides Necessary

Do You Need a Pesticide
Before you purchase any pesticide you should answer some important questions.
  • Are there non-chemical ways to control the problem? Is the damage severe enough to warrant chemical control?
  • Can the pest be controlled by a chemical at this stage of its life cycle, or would application at a different time be more effective?
  • If it is a pest, what kind is it? Insect? Disease? Animal? Weed? Rodent?
  • Is pesticide use cost-effective? Or would the chemical treatment cost more than the crop value?
  • Is the damage actually being caused by a pest? Could it be weather or a culture practice, such as over or under watering, fertilizer, or damage?
Just because you see insects does not mean that insects are a problem. Identifying the real problem is essential before selecting any type of control. Many excellent resources are available to help you identify pests or pest-caused problems. Talk to trained professionals at nurseries, garden centers, and your local Cooperative Extension Office. Check reference books dealing with plant pests and diseases.